How Can I create a second display? (virtual maybe???)

Glynn Clements glynn at
Wed Jul 7 06:49:31 PDT 2010

Jimmy Spam wrote:

> I have a .sh script which have this line:
> "export DISPLAY=localhost:13"
> and only work fine if vnc is running.... it's very strange.
> I suppose that vnc create a new display (13) and if it isn't running,
> this display doesn't exist and script fail.
> Can I create a second display directly with Xorg, set the DISPLAY
> variable of the script to this second display and stop vnc????
> I want launch this script without need of run vnc.

Unless the user need to interact with clients started from the script,
running Xvnc is likely to be preferable to running a "real" X server. 
If there's a reason to avoid Xvnc, try Xvfb instead.

Running a real X server requires that the system has video hardware,
that you have the necessary permissions to use it, and (if you want to
run more concurrent X servers than you have video cards), that the
hardware (and its driver) is capable of sharing the card between
multiple X servers.

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