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David G daveg68+list-xorg at
Thu Jul 8 16:34:50 PDT 2010


I am attempting to build kdrive (or xorg) for several specific
platforms (via cross compiling) and my goal is to end up with just
enough of a feature set to fire up rdesktop/vnc or other apps without
a window manager and as the only running app. Obviously with
keyboard/mouse functionality.

After reading much of the wiki and other sources regarding kdrive and
modular xorg I still am at a loss as to what the minimum
requirements/dependencies are for a kdrive server and including
platform specific video driver. Can anyone shed some light on bare
minimum dependencies for kdrive + video driver and/or point me in the
direction of where to continue reading?

I have walked through building individual components one by one in
attempt to learn what depends on what and have a much better grasp on
some of the dependencies than I did a couple days ago however I am
still lacking knowledge. What would be very helpful would be docs
which explain each component so I can (hopefully) choose which is
needed and which isn't.

For example I see the xorg-server configure option
--disable-screensaver which is what I prefer...don't need one, does
this mean that scrnsaverproto is not needed then? If this device will
never be rendering video or 3d what more can I disable and/or not have
to install?

Is libXau, pixman, libXfont, etc even needed?

I don't mind readinging/researching deeper if someone can point me to
more information about the relationship and dependencies between the
various components.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.


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