strange terminal-emulators-only behaviour: broken key-map?

Simone 3nomis at
Fri Jul 9 08:03:53 PDT 2010

>  strangely it seems that *only* my gnome-terminal/xterm stopped to
> correctly map my keyboard (pc105). Other applications (gedit,
> openoffice,...) still work correctly.
> For example, if I type shift+3, I should get the "£" character but I
> get "#"+return and "èéàç" keys are no longer working, printing out
> empty spaces. Same behavior in xterm or other terminals...
> I also tried the "fr" layout with the same result: "£" is mapped to "#"+return.

Today I discovered that the behavior is related to the BASH shell
only. When I I use the SH shell, the terminal's keymap works as
expected. I cannot figure out why the interaction between BASH and
x-terminals is broken, any idea?


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