panning pre- and post-randr 1.3

Felix Miata mrmazda at
Fri Jul 16 20:37:51 PDT 2010

In openSUSE 11.0's server and (reported) randr 1.2, my radeon rv380
has the (virtual desktop area) panning I need by setting in xorg.conf's
device section 'Option "NoRandr"'. In openSUSE 11.1's server 1.5.2 & randr
1.2, 'Option "NoRandr"' is apparently invalid or ignored, even with Intel
[815,845,G33] instead of Radeon (rv200 or rv380). With openSUSE's server
1.6.5 & (x)randr 1.3.2, supposedly panning is available, but the virtual
lines in xorg.conf's screen sections must not any more valid to enable it.

1-(on rv200 radeon, as does rv380 on openSUSE 11.3's 1.8.0/1.3.2, both using
radeon drivers) 'xrandr --panning 1920x1200' from Konsole just produces a
usage message. From reading the man page, nothing more seems required. What
am I missing?

2-How/where, prior to X startup, is randr --panning(?) supposed to be
triggered and remembered?

3-If it is possible to pan in 11.1's 1.5.2/1.2 on radeon[rv200,rv380], how is
it to be configured?

The main reason for this is web page development. I use one CRT, and run
different resolutions on multiple simultaneous X instances (:0, :1, :2, :n).
Without panning, emulating widescreen modes isn't doable. I've been happy
with openSUSE 11.0, but it's due out of support in a matter of days. So, I
need to find something I can upgrade to that works.
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