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The challenge here is that everyone has different views of what constitutes good support. As an example, many people consider 3d a must-have in order to support Compiz / KWin effects, while historically relatively few have considered operation in a VM to be important (I realize that is changing).

There is also the "it works great on everybody's system except Fred's, where it crashes all the time" problem, which is really hard to summarize in a useful way.

Have you looked at the RadeonFeature page ? That might give you the info you are looking for, if we augmented it with some mapping between marketing names (eg HD2xxx) and GPU core names (eg r600), although it is only for a single driver stack. 

There is also a NouveauFeature page, which IIRC was the inspiration for RadeonFeature.

Look at etc...

I guess we could add some kind of top page that gave a very high level summary and mapped onto per-driver pages for more specifics.

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> If I get bored enough, I suppose I could whip something up, but is it
> really that important? We put a lot of effort into making sure distros
> Do the Right Thing magically without user intervention.

just to put some perspective on why i'm asking this, i've been using X
on linux for about ~12 years and i've changed a lot of hardware during
that time. over that time i think i've had 1 year of excellent
experience and otherwise poor experience.

just to clarify that, i don't mean that video playback and cool 3d
desktop effects qualifies as excellent experience, it's the basic
stuff if you have good drivers. i've also seen better 2d performance
when using linux in a virtual machine.
i generally have average performance, both 2d and 3d, although i
usually have excellent hardware.

i also have pretty bad experience with proprietary drivers when
upgrading to newer versions of linux distributions where incompatible
xorg version or kernel breaks everything.
so, based on my experience, i think it's necessary to have an official
site that promotes graphic cards with excellent open source drivers.
whats the point of buying excellent hardware if i can't use it?

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