x fails during startup

Sreeram Kumar Sreeramkumar at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 25 10:36:42 PDT 2010

I am trying to bringup chromeos on my 1000HD eee PC netbook. It uses gentoo underneath and when it boots, I see a blue orb screen thats al. I login through the shell and see the Xorg.0.log, I see this error 

Fatal Server Error: 
xf86OpenConsole: Cannot open virtual console 1 (No such file or directory). Above this error, there are bunch of "unable to find font directory" errors. 

I sifted through 80% of the relevant results on google and i didnt get a proper answer. I looked at dmesg, I see i915 driver being loaded with drm module too. The drivers are built into kernel and i dont see any errors from dmesg (Infact, I added a debug print into the driver and i can see that its being called). 

I couldnt figure out (asked help on chromeos groups also). Finally thought I can ask here. Appreciate any help. 

My eee PC uses GMA 950, when i do ls /dev, I can see all the devices! I modified xorg.conf to use driver from intel. ie in the device section, I added Driver "intel", I still see the same issue. 



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