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Wed Jun 1 11:36:06 PDT 2011


I am trying to create a window manager that uses xcb and as few other
dependencies as possible.  I do know that I could use toolkits but I want it
to be as independent of other projects as possible.  The only dependency I
really want included is the X-server and libraries to interact with it, like
xcb.  I do not intend to include any icon-capabilities at the moment, just
barely enough so that panels (like tint2 and fbpanel) can get the names of
the windows.

I consider it to be in pre-alpha development, I hope to make it is standards
compliant as possible and to include virtual desktops.  However, my primary
concern at the moment is getting it to retrieve and hand off the names of
the windows to the panels.  I have looked at the examples and tutorials
available on the site.  Also, I have read over the deprecated xcbwm
code, I am still confused on how to implement this feature best.  I have
also attempted reading through the only window manager's code in C (the
language I am using) that uses xcb (the window manager awesome) but I can
not get it to work.  You can find the last working source on sourceforge at:

Thank you for all your help.  :)
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