Xquartz Window Size

Tobias Hermann Tobias.Hermann at awi.de
Wed Jun 15 23:35:16 PDT 2011

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

I have a question concerning the window size of the X-Window system 
(X11) using XQuartz. I'm using an application that needs a window size 
bigger than the screen size. Is there any possibility to adjust window 
sizes bigger than the screen size? If yes, which parameters of the 
X-Window system (X11 or Xquartz) must be adjusted?
Thank you for your answer in advance. I'm looking forward to hearing 
from you.

Best regards
T. Hermann

Tobias Hermann
Am Alten Hafen 26
27568 Bremerhaven
Tel. 0471-4831-1948
Tobias.Hermann at awi.de

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