X resolution on intel G31 not better than 1024x768

Alex Janssen alex at ourwoods.org
Thu Jun 23 18:27:09 PDT 2011

On 06/23/2011 06:09 PM, Alex Janssen wrote:
> Hello to all.  Hope you are well.
> Sorry for this long post, but I'm stumped. <<snip>>
> Thanks for your help,
> Alex
I'm stumped no more.
Glad I caught this before anyone spent any time on it. ;-)

It's the KVM causing this poblem.  I should'a guessed.
I connected the monitor directly to the G31M and Linux boots perfectly.
Guess I'll look for a better KVM.  This one's a "Cables to go" if 
anyone's interested.
If you have a suggestion for a good KVM, please post it.



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