Xrandr and multi-card (GPU) multihead setups

Jean-Christophe Haessig jean-christophe.haessig at dianosis.org
Thu Jun 30 00:04:41 PDT 2011


Every now and then I check whether my setup might work with the current
revision of Xorg.

I have two cards, a mga G550 and a nvidia, the goal being to have a
quad-head desktop.

In the remote times of Xfree86 and Xinerama, I got 3 heads of this setup
to work, while trying to connect the fourth on the mga card yielded
random garbage on the two screens of said card.

Since then, I only had limited success, managing to launch Xorg with one
card at a time, resulting in only two working heads. In my last tries,
any attempt to use the two cards simultaneously made Xorg hang. 

I do not request a detailed walkthrough (although it would be very
fancy) but I feel tired of digging through outdated and obsolete
information from ancient mailing lists and forums, including lengthly
explanations of why it isn’t physically possible, be it because of the
BIOS, video BIOS and others.

I would just like to know if what I am trying to do is possible or not,
especially getting back to at least 3 working heads, since the hardware
obviously could do it.

If more information is required to answer, I’ll provide it.

Many thanks.
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