Desktop freezes when I use the resize grip on a Gtk3 application

Jeremy Henty onepoint at
Tue Mar 1 12:20:30 PST 2011

No suggestions?  :-(  Any help would be very welcome.

Jeremy Henty wrote:
> I have already emailed the Gtk list about this but have heard nothing
> from them yet.  Perhaps you can give me some help.
> Gtk3 applications have a resize grip  at the bottom right.  If I click
> on that grip then my desktop  instantly freezes.  When I kill the Gtk3
> application everything returns to normal.  This happens on my standard
> icewm desktop and  also with twm.  (I tried starting  X with no window
> manager at all but then the mouse just disappears.  Not sure what I am
> doing wrong there.)
> There is no problem with Gtk2 applications that have a resize grip.
> When the desktop  is frozen everything appears to be  idle (ie. 'S' in
> the 'S' column in htop.)
> I'd really appreciate any tips for how to investigate this further.
> (Linux 2.6.37, Xorg 7.5, icewm 1.3.7)
> Regards,
> Jeremy Henty

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