Troubleshooting server unresponsiveness

Michael P. Conlon michael.conlon at
Thu Mar 3 08:29:19 PST 2011

On Thursday, March 03, 2011 08:29:29 am Marty Jack wrote:
> Recently on Server 9 and Server 10, I am finding that once in a while when
> I come back to the computer, either the keyboard still works and the mouse
> is unresponsive, or the mouse still works and the keyboard is
> unresponsive.  If I ssh in and gdb, I find the server in the poll in
> WaitForSomething.  Restarting the server fixes it until the next time it
> happens.

	I recently posted a question about this problem, and received no expert 
responses. In my case, I did a Kubuntu reinstall, and the keyboard worked 
after the first bootup, but not on subsequent reboots. I have not experienced 
the alternation between working mouse and working keyboard. 

	The keyboard works fine if the system is in console mode, so the problem 
has to be with X. Both mouse and keyboard have PS/2 interfaces.
> If someone who has done this before has a suggestion on a line of attack to
> troubleshoot, it would be helpful.

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