Problem while using clone VGA output with intel 945GM/GMS

DarkKnight BrightWarrior bindasbeast at
Fri Mar 4 08:39:10 PST 2011


With help of  following link I am able to clone my intel 945GM/GMS system
with external vga monitor.

I want to change the modeline of external vga monitor. But the `option
Ignore True` making my modeline ineffective.
But If  I change  "option Ignore True" to "option Ignore False"  cloning is
not working.

The reason to change modeline is to set both positive polarity (+hsync
+vsync) on VGA monitor.

By using " xrandr --output VGA --auto " after login, I can achieve both
positive polarity but features like resolution change and rotation change
causing cloning disappear.

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