[ANNOUNCE] libXfixes 5.0

Adam Jackson ajax at redhat.com
Tue Mar 8 08:35:46 PST 2011

Pointer barrier support, along with the usual buildsystem updates.

Adam Jackson (1):
      libXfixes v5: Pointer barriers

Fernando Carrijo (1):
      Purge macros NEED_EVENTS and NEED_REPLIES

Gaetan Nadon (3):
      config: remove AC_PROG_CC as it overrides AC_PROG_C_C99
      config: replace deprecated AM_CONFIG_HEADER with AC_CONFIG_HEADERS
      config: comment, minor upgrade, quote and layout configure.ac

git tag: libXfixes-5.0

MD5: 678071bd7f9f7467e2fc712d81022318  libXfixes-5.0.tar.bz2
SHA1: 3e4d374e9026111a04cd669d4b3434273fc34fe0  libXfixes-5.0.tar.bz2

MD5: 0a2139e91df4758218e0fddbd549e13c  libXfixes-5.0.tar.gz
SHA1: 694ef9e36e4fa4e1e8fb7c129e839019f8c12e1b  libXfixes-5.0.tar.gz

- ajax
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