A question about fonts

Andersen, Jan jandersen at informatica.com
Wed Mar 9 07:10:15 PST 2011

That is pretty much what Fontconfig does already.  If you configure it properly, you should get the fonts that you want to use to be used in preference to other fonts that might contain the same character.

You are, of course, free to reimplement Fontconfig if you think that is what is needed.

The Cyberbit font, among others, is a large-coverage font.  I run with the Liberation family as the "style" font and Cyberbit as the "coverage" font.  I do not notice very many languages that don't have good coverage with that combination.

(I should have mentioned ligatures and other instances of having characters flow together in a particular script that is one of the services Pango provides.)

Hi Marty - you have, in one fell stroke, revealed that I am more or less clueless :-)

OK, so I should definitely study Fontconfig; shame, in a way, since I was beginning to quite like the idea of doing it my way. But I have other, more pressing matters to attend to. Thanks for helping so kindly.


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