A request from the "Hackintosh" community

Suresh.M suresh.m at procreateisi.com
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we having a supermicro motherboard X8DTL-IF which has Matrox G200eW vga chip
and we are using RHEL 3 U8  AS version OS.


So, we required for VGA driver for higher resolutions where supermicro don't
have it.


Kindly, send me the driver and step by step procedure to install the driver
for above mentioned OS.

Please do the needful.


Thanks in advance







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Hello dear friends of the Linux Community!


I'm forwarding this mail trough my Gmail account in case you miss the
previous one (I didn't get any replies so far)

My name is Felipe Ribba and I'm a Graphic Designer from Chile, South
America, and a computer hardware enthusiast.


You must know however, that I'm not a programmer nor developer, but I have
some basic notions on how the hardware works and I'm always eager to learn


I (Necrum) would love to know how to program drivers, modify os kernels,
generate ACPI calls and such, but I just don't know (yet). I lack the
knowledge and I would like to ask you a big favor...


On behalf of the "Hackintosh" community at tonymacx86.com and
insanelymac.com, I'm respectfully requesting you guys, if it's possible that
you could give us a hand in any way, such as generating a "twin" project or
a "spinoff" of the Linux Hybrid Graphics project, oriented improve the
Optimus support for the OSX platform.


Most of our research, guesses and findings (which are not that much) can be
found at http://www.tonymacx86.com/viewtopic.php?f=34

The creator of the topic, Minihack and a few more guys there had a lot more
knowledge than me.


I've also tried to contact Netkas (at netkas.org) with no luck yet, but I
won't give up!



I'm an owner of a Hybrid Dell Vostro 3700 (IntelHD + Nvidia GT 330m) so if
you need me to test anything (settings, DSDT dumps, etc) I'll be glad to
help in any way.


Thank you so much for your time, sorry for my bad English, and I hope to
hear from you sometime soon! :)


Yours truly

Felipe Ribba E.

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