arious x apps (xterm, xfontsel) don't start due to missing fonts

walt w41ter at
Sat Mar 26 08:32:55 PDT 2011

On 03/24/2011 02:19 PM, Shiva Persaud wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I'm having what appears to be a common problem but not of the solutions I've found on various forums and threads have worked for me.
> I noticed this issue after I configured my system to use the en_US.utf8 locale but it's possible that this issue existed before that change. Note that in debugging I've gone back to using having POSIX as my locale and the problem persists.
> I noticed then when I did a ctrl-right click xterm windows would close. I
> started an xterm from an xterm and ctrl-right clicked on the new xterm and saw the following error message:
> <begin>
> ~(245)$ xterm
> Warning: Cannot convert string
> "-adobe-helvetica-bold-r-normal--*-120-*-*-*-*-iso8859-*" to type FontStruct
> Warning: Unable to load any usable ISO8859 font

I just had a font problem after a recent gentoo update, too, but I'm not sure
it's the same problem.

My problem was caused by a change in the way the misc.misc fonts are named, but
the font.alias package doesn't contain the corresponding changes. (Perhaps a
version mismatch?)

Specifically, I use the 9x15 alias listed in fonts.alias:

#grep 9x15 /usr/share/fonts/misc/fonts.alias
9x15         -misc-fixed-medium-r-normal--15-140-75-75-c-90-iso8859-1
9x15bold     -misc-fixed-bold-r-normal--15-140-75-75-c-90-iso8859-1

However, fonts.dir lists those two fonts as:

#grep 9x15 /usr/share/fonts/misc/fonts.dir
9x15.pcf.gz -misc-fixed-medium-r-normal--15-140-75-75-c-90-iso10646-1
9x15B.pcf.gz -misc-fixed-bold-r-normal--15-140-75-75-c-90-iso10646-1

Note the iso8858 changed to iso10646, so fonts.alias was pointing to
a nonexistent font.

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