Weird issue and Can't open display

tsuraan tsuraan at
Mon Mar 28 12:01:27 PDT 2011

> Almost certainly what's happened is:
> - your sole authentication method to the server is xauth cookies
> - your xauth cookie record contains the hostname
> - your hostname changed
> Comparing the output of 'xauth list' and 'hostname' when this happens would
> be enlightening.

xauth list had localhost.localdomain, hostname was just localhost.
Changing hostname back to localhost.localdomain made xeyes run again

> But the better change is to use xhost +si:localuser:$(id -un) instead of
> xauth.

I ran that, and then changed my hostname back to localhost, and xeyes
could still run.  I'll be throwing that into my .xinitrc then.  Thanks
a ton for the help!

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