xorg performance issue

Solerman Kaplon solerman at wonder.com.br
Thu Mar 31 04:53:44 PDT 2011

Em 30-03-2011 14:08, Torsten Jager escreveu:
>    In about 2 of 3 cases X server starts with a much higher processor load.
>    With the above HD example, Xorg consumes more than 50%, causing
>    an awful lot of frame dropping and playback stuttering.
>    Processor load drops when video window is partly covered by some other
>    window. Xv is also a bit better than xshm, but not much.
>    In the good case, everything works fine just as with old sys.
>    The status of the issue remains consistent throughout the entire X session.
>    Strange: none of the common logs from kernel and X reflect the difference??
> I tried these without really changing much:
>    * Switched nvidia drivers to 260 and even 270 beta.

You are using a proprietary driver from NVidia, so you will get better answers 
at nvidia's forums. Since you are using xine, give a try on the OpenGL outputs 
(or try a different player, VLC or MPlayer). NVidia also ships with good 
documentation, you might want to check it out, shoud be around 
/usr/share/docs/NVIDIA something.


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