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Hi Piyush,

your problem seems to be unrelated to, which is what this mailing
list is about. Please continue further discussion off-list, at or .

You can remount the root filesystem with
mount -o remount,rw /
. However, this will probably not work due to the file system being
damaged. Use
fsck -p /dev/sdaX
(fill in your root partition for "sdaX") to repair it (Chances are, you
may need to manually confirm some important changes). After a reboot,
the root filesystem should be mounted read-write.

If you can restore settings and data (Basically /etc/ , /home,
database/webserver directories in /var and dpkg --get-selections),
formatting the partition and reinstalling Ubuntu may actually be the
easier option though.



> hi
> i am a novice linux user using ubuntu 10.10 . while upgrading from 10.10 to
> 11.04 my system went down due to power off . i am able to use the system
> wiht the command line with root as user and the read only file system . i am
> not able to run the do-release-upgrade as the system is read only .
> The specs of the system are
> compaq Cq45 207 tu
> dual core
> Please help
> thanks in advance
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