How to send a user-defined value along with x window creation api

prudhvi raj prudhviraj.v at
Tue May 3 23:58:23 PDT 2011


I need to send some user-defined value (string/integer) along with the x
window creation api (XCreateWindow / XCreateSimpleWindow)
in order to differentiate the window from others and can retrieve that value
inside X server to use for internal purpose.

Something like g_object_set_data() in gtk, which allows user to set an
association from user-defined strings to pointers.

Is there a way already available in Xlib, like having a reserved
attribute/parameter which a user can use to pass some value
to the window creation api.


Should i add a new attribute to the XSetWindowAttributes structure which can
be ignored by all the windows
except my special window for which i can set that attribute?
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