eGalax Touchscreen calibration problems

Ken Emmons Jr. kemmons at
Mon May 9 05:40:47 PDT 2011

> newer kernels and evdev versions shouldn't have any problems 
> with the eGalax screens. the kernel patch does pretty much 
> what you passed to the boot params.

Thanks Peter,

We had actually talked about this a few weeks back on a similar post (I
had an issue with the mailing list and perhaps have posted twice). 

For now I am using an Elo 15" touchscreen which is much better behaved,
but larger than I need for the [industrial] application. At some point
I'll try to upgrade to the new debian stable to see if a newer evdev
will work for me. It is a little annoying that the small touchscreens
such as eGalax behave so quirky, but what can you do as I am sure they
aren't yet changing their chips for the linux market. Or maybe I'll just
buy the 12" Elo's for future projects and reward them for their more
standard interface.

Thanks again,


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