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Alan Coopersmith alan.coopersmith at
Wed May 25 13:07:18 PDT 2011

On 05/25/11 12:53 PM, David Jackson wrote:
> needs to listen to users on  X Window System  flexibility. 

X.Org does listen, but we don't have developers sitting around with nothing to
do, but instead have far more things to work on than people volunteering to work
on them.

> A display driver that contains a VNC server. The problem with x11vnc is that it
> is slow, very slow. XVnc server, which is a X server that contains a VNC server
> but has no hardware drivers, is much faster since the VNC server is built
> directly into the X server, however this does not allow one to export their main
> X display which is also displayed directly to video hardware. The solution here
> is to include a driver in the main server distribution for a VNC server
> that can be loaded into the X server. The VNC server driver should be able to be
> dynamically loaded while the server is running and the output of the server
> displayed simultaneously to VNC clients and to the local video hardware.

TigerVNC provides a loadable module for the server already that
does this.

> Dynamic runtime enabling and disabling, configuration and setup and removal of
> display output and input drivers while the server runs without server restart.

Done for input drivers several years ago.   Output drivers is a much harder problem.

> While improving and enhancing programming facilities availaible to developers
> and enhancing features and flexibility to users, needs to commit to full
> backwards compatability with the X11 protocol and the extensions to it,
> including binary compatable at the protocol level and backwards compatability at
> the xlib API level.

The core protocol & Xlib API has been completely backwards compatible for 24
years now - how much better can we get?

(Sorry, the rest was way too long, and given that it's clear you're not even
 aware what's already being done,  I doubt anyone is going to trudge through
 it all.)

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