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Alan Coopersmith alan.coopersmith at
Wed May 25 14:30:51 PDT 2011

On 05/25/11 01:54 PM, David Jackson wrote:
> I looked for information on on Tightvnc's website.

Tiger, not Tight, and yes, their website doesn't publish the documentation for
their software, complain to them.

> There are no
> instructions or documentations there on how one would even use it. I suspect it
> probably wouldnt work at all if it exists, or would be difficult or impossible
> for a user to get it to work.

Wow, won't even try, just assume it can't possibly work?   I wonder why so many
Linux distros ship it then - must be mass delusion.

> should ship a driver for VNC server access.

Feel free to write and submit one under a suitable license, keeping in mind that
all existing VNC code is GPL, so you'll have to write it from scratch.
Meanwhile, the rest of the world will be happily using the existing code that works.

> Xvnc is quickly becoming useless. KDE apps no longer really work with
> it anymore. 

Sounds like you're using an obsolete version of Xvnc.

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