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Thu May 26 09:26:54 PDT 2011

David Jackson wrote:

> I am know C, however I know little about X internals or X protocol. Is there
> a good source of documentation that would give a person a full introduction
> and overview of how the X server works,including how it all fits together,
> and a tour of the system and documentation of the internals such as
> functions, variables etc? Basically everything need for a person who only
> knows C to learn all about how the X server works?

How a specific implementation works doesn't really matter, as that's
something which can be changed. What can't be changed (without
breaking compatibility) is the protocol.

The relevant documentation can be found here:

The main thing to bear in mind is the client-server model. If you want
to migrate a connection to a different X server, you either have to
ensure that the new X server will behave exactly like the old one, or
make the client adjust to the change. The former is somewhere between
ridiculously difficult and completely impossible, while the latter
requires significantly changing the protocol, libraries, toolkits, and

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