3D in Display link based devices?

PRASANNA KUMAR prasanna_tsm_kumar at yahoo.co.in
Sat May 28 06:26:34 PDT 2011

Is it possible to get 3D acceleration for Displaylink devices sa it is done for Windows? Displaylink devices (USB display devices) does not have hardware powerful enough to accelerate 3D but still it is able to provide 3D graphics and composition in Windows. The windows Displaylink driver uses primary GPU (the systems main GPU) for 3D. The driver sits on top of directx graphics subsystem and filter the calls, then use the primary GPU to do the tasks necessary transfer the end result to the device after compressing it. Is it possible to have a similar implementation in X so that there will be 3D acceleration (Compiz, GNOME3, KWin, OpenGL, ...). RandR or Xinerama will make it easy to have multi monitor support. This also helps to get a good out of the box experience for users.

A Framework for accelerating devices that does not have hardware powerful enough can be really useful for future devices (based on USB, Thunderbolt, or some other technology that comes). If such a framework exists only devices driver developers will need to take care of compression or device specific bits (like sending data over USB or thunderbolt). This is just my wish but I don't have any idea of feasibility of such a framework.
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