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I have recently started running x11vnc on an Xrfb server. This pretty much
seems to solve my problems I had with Xvnc. Xvnc did not support render. It
appears xrfb does and that konqueror runs fine on Xrfb, it would not run on
Xvnc. So now I just run Xrfb and then x11vnc on that, and that gives me the
same sort of capability i had with Xvnc. Using x11vnc on Xrfb I have so far
noticed no latency problems with typing on the keyboard, characters appear
immediately after I type them. All seems to be well. Everything seems to be
fast and responsive even when using it remotely.

On Sat, May 28, 2011 at 8:02 AM, David Jackson <djackson452 at>wrote:

> sorry i was wrong
> On Sat, May 28, 2011 at 2:35 AM, Evgeny M. Zubok <evgeny.zubok at>wrote:
>> David Jackson <djackson452 at> writes:
>> > As far as I know NX is a tunneling and compression technology but will
>> > not maintain a persistant X applications or session. The applications
>> > are started when you connect from a remote location.
>> NX, along with compression and caching technologies, provides session
>> persistence, desktop sharing and session shadowing. Do you mean that or
>> anything else?
>> Section 4.4 from
>> 4.4 Session persistence
>> NX allows you to disconnect a session, either a desktop or a
>> floating-window session, from the remote display, i.e the proxy agent
>> will no longer be connected to any X client. But this doesn't have any
>> implication on your remote applications, which will continue to be
>> running. You will be able to reconnect the session later, even from a
>> different machine. More information about the NX session reconnection
>> policies are available here(link).
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