Third level chooser dysfunct in untrusted clients

Lasse Kliemann lasse-list-xorg-2008 at
Thu Nov 17 06:17:09 PST 2011

* Message by -Andreas Wettstein- from Mon 2011-11-14:
> > When I try to load the layout via setxkbmap from the untrusted 
> > client, it says that the XKB extension is not available.
> You could try the pre-XKB way and use an additional group instead of an
> additional level.  xmodmap is easier to use for this than setxkbmap:
>    keysym q = q Q slash
>    keysym space = Mode_switch
> and so on.  Note that even xmodmap must be run from a trusted client.

Unfortunately, it's the same with xmodmap. The third-level 
chooser stops working in untrusted clients.

The modmap is loaded from a trusted client and works well then 
for any trusted client. For untrusted clients, all modifications 
done by the modmap -- save the third-level chooser! -- also work.

I feel that this classifies as a bug. I'll file a formal report 
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