clarification on Multiseat with nvidia and intel card

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Sat Nov 19 05:45:27 PST 2011


my setup consists of nvidia pci card and onboard intel card. nvidia is the
primary card as per my bios settings.I started xorg on nvidia with dual
head configuration. After configuring intel as bus master I started
separate instance of xorg on intel.Now on killing intel xorg i get "no
signal" message on nvidia monitors.

1. xorg (nvidia) -sharevts -novtswitch -isolatedevice (nvidia)
2. xorg(intel)  -novtswitch -isolatedevice (intel)

i have vesafb configured with framebuffer console support.

when i start nvidia xorg and kill , i am able to draw on framebuffer console

when i start nvidia xorg and intel xorg , kill anyone of them i get "no
signal"  message on nvidia monitors and framebuffer is not available to me.

please let me know if am missing anything.
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