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Thu Nov 24 07:29:40 PST 2011


   I am trying to set  a multi-seat station under Kubuntu 10.04, so i'm
starting from the basics, starting two separate X servers in a station
 with two videocards.   In my xorg.conf  i have two ServerLayouts,
correctly separated. I can start the video in the onboard card, but not on
the offboard. I'm using the following command: startx -- :0 -layout seat 0
(:1 and seat1 for the offboard card).
  The error found on the log :

 (II) SMI(0): Output LVDS connected
(WW) SMI(0): Unable to find initial modes
(EE) SMI(0): Output LVDS enabled but has no modes
(EE) SMI(0): No valid modes found
(II) UnloadModule: "siliconmotion"
(EE) Screen(s) found, but none have a usable configuration.

The funny thing is, this same xorg.conf has already worked with this
videocard in this station. Is there any other relevant config file that i'm
missing? Anybody faced the same problem, or has any suggestion of a
solution? Below i provide more info that i think it's relevant.

Thanks in advance.
[ ]'s

Here is my xorg.1.log

Here is my relevant lspci and xorg.conf:

I am following this website guideline, its mostly the same as any other
multi-seat guide i could find.

I am using the  package xf86-video-siliconmotion  found in this repo:
More specifically this version
I can't use the last version because of the xorg-macros, couldnt find how
to update for the last version under 10.04.
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