[XDC 2012] Conference Update #1

Egbert Eich eich at freedesktop.org
Sun Aug 5 02:16:37 PDT 2012

We are  still 1 1/2 month into XDC 2012 so it's time to give
a status update and beat the drums some more:

- Registration Reminder:
  So far we have 24 registered participants: there's plenty of
  room for more - so if you haven't done so: register!
  If you are in need for travel sponsorship please consider
  contacting the X.Org Foundation Board of Directors:
  send email board at foundation.x.org.
- Presentation Reminder:
  So far we don't have all too many proposals for presentations.
  Matt Dew has just announced a more formal CFP if you would
  like to submit a conference paper:
  However you can still register as described on the conference
  page if you prefer a more informal process.
  I expect that Matt will send out a clarification on this
  If at doubt feel free to contact me.

- Hotel Reservation Reminder:
  We've got a number of rooms allocated for the conference
  which you will get for EUR 68/night for a single room
  (breakfast and free wifi included) at the 
  Azimut Hotel (http://www.azimuthotels.com)
          Kaulbachstr 1
          90408 Nuernberg
          tel.: +49 911 3657 0
          FAX.: +49 911 3657 448
          email: reservierung.nuernberg at azimuthotels.com
  This deal will expire on April 18th, so please make your 
  reservation! There are still a number of rooms available -
  first come first serve.
  For the reservation you need to state the reservation 
  number #142733.
  The hotel has informed me that you should either place your
  reservation by phone or by email if you want to take advantage
  of this special deal. 
  Please *don't* use the online reservation tool.

- Beer Hiking thru the Franconian Countryside:
  We will do a beer hiking trip thru the Frankonian Countryside
  on Saturday after the conference:
  on this trip we will walk from one beer garden of a micro-brewery
  to the next. Please let me know if you would like to participate
  so that I get a rough estimate on the number of people who would
  like to join.

- Contact Information Update:
  If you have any further inquiries please feel free to email me
  at egbert.eich _at_ gmail.com (Please note I've updated the email 
  address at which you can reach me and replaced it by one that 
  is not hampered by broken spam filters.) So if you have tried to 
  contact me in the past and weren't able to, please resend!
  You may also contact me at freenode: my nick is 'egbert'.
  I'm always present - though not always physical. I will respond
  sometimes with a delay.

So see you all in Nuernberg!


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