Xvfb and xkb

Ashwin Chandra achandra at panologic.com
Fri Aug 10 08:42:51 PDT 2012


I am using Xvfb to render an X session in memory. I am trying to use
setxkbmap to change the key layouts. I seem to have difficulty doing this
other than US key layout. There are no errors when calling “setxkbmap de”
(german language) however the keymap looks all wrong and certain modifier
keys like alt-gr don’t seem to work. I thought maybe I don’t have the right
keymaps compiled in but I did a diff of /usr/share/X11/xkb with a working
machine and it is the same. So I need some help figuring out how to debug
this problem. Setxkbmap doesn’t seem to have much info except the verbose
options telling me what it is setting.

Note: this does seem to work if I don’t use Xvfb and just use a normal
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