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> On Sunday 12 August 2012 11:04:42 Robert Heller did opine:
> [...]
> > Verizon (the telephone monopoly covering most of the Eastern United
> > States) has no interest in bothering with *any* investment in the
> > copper infrastructure, including installing the DSLAMs needed to bring
> > DSL (even cruddy DSL) to rural America. Also, the copper is old and is
> > falling apart (for lack of1 proper maintainence)-- people actually
> > completely lose basic phone service when it rains.
> [...]
> I'll second that, in fact I voted with my wallet 2 years ago when I took 
> offense at having to call the states PUC on my cell phone just to get my 
> pots phone working again for the 4th time, in April since Jan 1.  Over 90 
> of those days I had no pots phone from vz. I've been on cable for both 
> phone and net for over 2 years now.  Verizon didn't have a quarter to call 
> anyone who cared.

Unfortunately for people in my area, Verizon is the *only* game in town:
it is either Verizon's crappy (19th century) phone service or no phone
service at all.  (There is no cable provider and no cell coverage at my

> Cheers, Gene

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