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Nicolas Vinot aeris at
Sat Aug 18 06:59:31 PDT 2012

Hi everybody,

I usually use 3 keyboards layout :
— bepo, with a Typematrix or laptop integrated keyboard;
— azerty, to allow mates and colleagues to use my computer with a better-known 
layout on a standard USB keyboard;
— qwerty, for my Yubikey, a security token working only with this layout.

I try to configure X to manage all those layouts and assign the right layout to 
each keyboard.
Here is my /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/90-keyboard.conf :

On my workstation (Typematrix + Yubikey + mate keyboard), I obtain the 
following when I plug my keyboards :

						Assigned layout
Device Plugged	TM			Yubi			Logitech
1 TM				bépo OK	
2 Yubi			bépo OK		qwerty OK
3 Logitech		azerty NOK	azerty NOK	azerty OK
4 Yubi			azerty NOK	qwerty OK		azerty OK
5 TM				bépo OK		bépo NOK		bépo NOK

On my laptop (integrated + Typematrix + Yubikey + mate keyboard) :

							Assigned layout
Device Plugged	Integrated	TM			Yubi			Logitech
1 Integrated		bépo OK	
2 TM				bépo OK		bépo OK
3 Yubi			qwerty NOK	qwerty NOK	qwerty OK	
4 Logitech		qwerty NOK	qwerty NOK	qwerty OK		azerty OK
5 Yubi			qwerty NOK	qwerty NOK	qwerty OK		qwerty NOK
6 TM				bépo OK		bépo OK		bépo NOK		bépo NOK

This behaviour is very random and not predictable.

Sometime the last plugged device layout is apply globally (case 6 on laptop) 
sometime only on the last plugged device (case 5 on laptop).

And I don't have the same behaviour on laptop and workstation (plug the yubi 
reset all layout on laptop (case 3) but not on workstation (case 2)).

Where I'm wrong on my configuration or where I misunderstand Xorg behaviour or 
configuration ?

Thanks in advance,

Nicolas Vinot
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