why does -sharevts is so important for multseat setup?

Alexandre CONFIANT-LATOUR cmwachoukette at gmail.com
Mon Aug 20 01:36:39 PDT 2012


On 18/08/2012 20:05, StompDagger1 at yahoo.com wrote:
> I'm using hotpluged (via udev) feature, what I do noticed that if I
> press CRTL+ALT+F1on seat 2, seat1 goes to cli.

I dont know if that could help you but it seems to be a VT-Switch 
related problem. When you hit Ctrl-Alt-FX, a signal (SIGUSR1) is sent to 
X.org. This signal raise a flag that is handled by xf86Wakeup then 
xf86VTSwitch. This functions disable IO and framebuffer access for all 
screens. Then, an ioctl is sent to switch to cli.

I'm not familiar with multiseat, but this situation seems normal if your 
two seats share the same X instance. If not, it is a bit weird that the 
second X instance got notified.

On 18/08/2012 20:05, StompDagger1 at yahoo.com wrote:
> I wanted to know, why multiseat setup needs to share vts? why if I take
> out this feature, one of the seats doesn't lights up?

I think that -sharevts is used to allows multiple X instances to share 
the same /dev/ttyx but i may be wrong or it can have other uses.

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