why does -sharevts is so important for multseat setup?

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Subject: Re: why does -sharevts is so important for multseat setup?
On 20/08/2012 11:32, StompDagger1 at yahoo.com wrote:
> I see, still why not increase the number in the kernel?

I needed it to be "on-the-fly" because i can't know in advance the number of concurrent users. Because X in not ran as root, its process can't add tty.

I saw a workaround in the Xdummy code <http://www.karlrunge.com/x11vnc/Xdummy>. This hack uses LD_PRELOAD to change standard system "open" function behavior and create a fifo "on-the-fly". This fifo is opened in place of the tty. The fifo is only used to trick X and let some test pass.

In my case, -sharevts worked well so preferred to avoid this acrobatic hack.

I understand but in my case, it renders the second seat almost impossible to work on.
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