why does -sharevts is so important for multseat setup?

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Thanks  for the ansewr. why  won't X select different /dev/ttyXX  An wise Scandinavian old man once said: "in the end, everything is going to be alright"

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> Hello,
> I have a multiseat setup and where I'm experiencing lose of keystrokes in the second seat.
> I'm using hotpluged (via udev) feature, what  I do noticed that if I press CRTL+ALT+F1on seat 2, seat1 goes to cli.
> for now I'm putting udev aside on this matter and try to concentrate on X part, while searching the web I've found a article that mentions that such issue can happen due to the -sharevts.
> I wanted to know, why multiseat setup needs to share vts? why if I take out this feature, one of the seats doesn't lights up?

Normally kernel sends key press events to applications via /dev/ttyXX device files. Each Xorg open single /dev/ttyXX file and receive keyboard events. /dev/ttyXX was designed to support single active application like Xorg. When one X became active then another suspended. So single end-user can easy switch between multiple X instances. Multiseat have another mission. That is a reason of -sharevts. Active X does not try to suspend another X via /dev/ttyXX. In reality /dev/ttyXX stay unused under multiseat, because every X receive events from keyboards via /dev/input/eventXX device files.

As alternative You can hack the Linux kernel with faketty (outdated) module.

Aivils Stoss

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