Bug#670236: mplayer2: can't play video with resolution of 2542x1080

Roland Scheidegger rscheidegger_lists at hispeed.ch
Mon May 7 10:41:47 PDT 2012

Am 07.05.2012 19:10, schrieb Thomas Lübking:
> Am 07.05.2012, 18:49 Uhr, schrieb Roland Scheidegger
> <rscheidegger_lists at hispeed.ch>:
>> You could try it out by compiling the intel ddx driver yourself, the
>> limits are IMAGE_MAX_WIDTH/IMAGE_MAX_HEIGHT in intel_video.c.
>> (Of course, the real fix would take the hw into account, 2048 seems
>> indeed like the limit for i915.)
> FTR the gl2 video output of mplayer (no idea whether it's still in
> mplayer2) can handle dimensions > GL_MAX_TEXTURE_SIZE by texture tiling.

Well with the gl output driver you wouldn't need tiling as the i965 3d
driver will advertize larger limits (8192 for pot and 4096 for npot
texture sizes - not sure if the latter is some hw limitation or if it
could be larger too).


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