Resized window does not resize its content.

Frédéric Dreier frederic.dreier at
Wed May 9 23:44:34 PDT 2012


I am trying to force an application to have a certain size but it does
not work as expected yet: the application window resize well but not
it's content.

The application I try to resize is VirtualBox. I want it to run in a
kiosk like mode (full-screen) for a project named 'Cube' :
(perhaps some parts are commented right now since I'm still testing some stuff)

There is no other window manager running in the background.

What append is:
- I start VirtualBox
- Once I detect a VirtualBox Window (based on its title), I re-parent
it into another window (which is used to display a 5-pixels border
around the application's window) -> line 135
- and resize it to fullscreen (using XMoveResizeWindow)
- I then get resizeRequest event (with smaller size) that I ignore (is
that wrong?) -> line 315
- then ConfigureNotify event where I check if it is the correct size.
If not, I resize it again. -> line 389
- then ResizeRequest and Configuration again (VirtualBox actually
display a welcome screen before showing the application)

At the end the application's window has got the desired dimension but
not its content.

Something odd (at least for me): when it is completely started,
resizing (XResizeWindow) it at the 'fullscreen size' again does
nothing, but resizing it to another size or moving it one pixel away,
trigger its content resize.

I really need help, because I already tried so much way to trick it
(without success) and actually want to solve the problem in a clean
way (It works well under metacity/gnome, I check there code, but did
not find why).



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