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Thomas Dickey dickey at
Thu May 10 07:07:27 PDT 2012

                            Patch #279 - 2012/05/10

     * fill  in missing cases in the save/restore modes feature (report by
       Thomas Wolff).
     * add  check  to  ensure that combining characters are precomposed in
       the order given (report/analysis by Andries E Brouwer).
     * improve  workability check for posix_openpt(), to take into account
       BSD  systems  which do not complete initialization until both sides
       of the pseudoterminal are opened (report by Christian Weisgerber).
     * amend  fix  for Debian #650291 in patch #277 changes to account for
       different data returned by vnc4server (Debian #670638).
     * add  check in DECCRA operation to make copies of blinking text also
       blink by updating a line-level flag.
     * modify rectangle operations to work with DECOM.
     * modify  DECSERA  to  use  the  current  protected state rather than
       preserving it.
     * add   precompose  resource  to  allow  storing  character  data  in
       Normalized  Form D as described in
       (report/discussion with Andries E Brouwer).
     * modify CBT, other ISO-6429 controls which are used by VT520 to work
       with DECOM.
     * add HPR and VPR controls, ISO 6429 cursor movement used in VT520.
     * remove  "linux"  restriction for IUTF8 ifdef in main.c (prompted by
       Matthew Dempsky posting on
     * implement the remaining VT420-level device status reports.
     * change DECXCPR to return page 1, rather than 0.
     * improve VT-level checks on reporting functions, such as DECXCPR.
     * change limit on decTerminalID to 525.
     * fixes to improve vttest vt52 screen when running as a VT420:
          + add  checks  for  some  VT2xx and up controls for consistency:
            DECSCL, S1C8T, S1C7T.
          + modify  DECRQSS  return  for  DECSCL  to only return that when
            running as VT2xx and up.
          + when exiting from VT52-mode, resume in VT100 level rather than
            the level before starting VT52-mode.
     * implement  DECLRMM,  DECSLRMM  and DECNCSM (prompted by discussions
       with  Ailin  Nemui  and  Paul LeoNerd Evans). This modifies several
       controls to obey top/bottom and left/right margins.
     * correct  macro  definition  used for testing modes used in ANSI/DEC
       request-mode controls introduced in patch #262.
     * modify  x_getlogin  to  check $LOGNAME and $USER before fallback to
       getlogin,  so that user's choice for these variables can be carried
       forward to the xterm process (Debian #611487).
     * document DECSCUSR response for DECRQSS in
     * add  zIconTitleFormat  resource  to  allow  customizing  the "*** "
       prefixed  to the icon title when the zIconBeep feature is activated
       (request by Thomas Adam).
     * modify  DECSCUSR  to update the same internal variable as RM/SM 12,
       and  document  in  manpage  the  two variables used for controlling
       blinking cursor (report by Paul LeoNerd Evans).
     * correct  response  data for DECSCUSR in reply for DECRQSS response,
       which  had  inverted  the blink-value (reports by Ailin Nemui, Paul
       LeoNerd Evans).
     * add  a  null-pointer  check  in  OkPasswd macro to fix a problem in
       resize  with Fedora 17 and a serial console (report/patch by Daniel
     * add  workaround  for  Mac  OS  X,  which loses the window size of a
       pseudo-terminal  when  the tty device is opened (report/analysis by
       Egmont Koblinger).
     * updated  configure  check for workable posix_openpt versus grantpt,
       from luit fixes.
     * modify  DECIC/DECDC/DECBI/DECFI implemented in patch #277 to enable
       them only in VT4xx mode and up (report by Ailin Nemui).
     * update config.guess, config.sub

Thomas E. Dickey
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