xorg performance in general / eclipse specific question

David Aldrich David.Aldrich at EMEA.NEC.COM
Thu May 17 01:25:43 PDT 2012


I am running an Eclipse based IDE on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, which runs on a VMWare virtual machine on a remote server. I access the IDE  on my Win 7 laptop using VcXsrv, which is an X server for Windows based on the Xorg sources.  I have two questions related to this configuration.

1) Firstly, in general, the IDE is quite sluggish in this configuration. Is there anything I can do on the remote server or the local laptop to improve performance? (for example, I have heard of xorg acceleration, but I don't know what it is).

2) Secondly, I have a very specific question about the IDE behaviour.  Given that this problem only manifests in a X server configuration. I thought it appropriate to ask the question here. When running the IDE, if I right click in an editor window to access a right-click menu option, the expected menu pops up but, after I select a menu item, the editor enters 'text select' mode and highlights a block of text, which is only terminated if I right-click again.  I think this simply means that the IDE is getting confused about right clicks. Any ideas how to fix this please?

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