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> I posted the questions below 11 days ago but received no responses.  Here is another try. Any comments would be appreciated.
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> I am running an Eclipse based IDE on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, which runs on a VMWare virtual machine on a remote server. I access the IDE  on my Win 7 laptop using VcXsrv, which is an X server for Windows based on the Xorg sources.  I have two questions related to this configuration.

Although it's hard to tell, but if there is an xserver running on the
vmware host then it might be an app which does too much data transfer
(like pixmaps), which fine locally, but not over a network

> 1) Firstly, in general, the IDE is quite sluggish in this configuration. Is there anything I can do on the remote server or the local laptop to improve performance? (for example, I have heard of xorg acceleration, but I don't know what it is).
> 2) Secondly, I have a very specific question about the IDE behaviour.  Given that this problem only manifests in a X server configuration. I thought it appropriate to ask the question here. When running the IDE, if I right click in an editor window to access a right-click menu option, the expected menu pops up but, after I select a menu item, the editor enters 'text select' mode and highlights a block of text, which is only terminated if I right-click again.  I think this simply means that the IDE is getting confused about right clicks. Any ideas how to fix this please?
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