Image depth, visuals and colormaps

Alexandre CONFIANT-LATOUR cmwachoukette at
Thu May 31 05:11:58 PDT 2012

On 30/05/2012 15:48, Adam Jackson wrote:
> That's not a thing xserver is set up to do, because that's not a thing X
> lets you do. The list of depths is constructed statically at server
> startup, and the only way to get the list of depths and visuals is in
> the initial connection handshake; which means it doesn't happen, because
> clients are not written to disconnect and reconnect. You could probably
> hack something into working, but.
> A much easier thing to do would be to simply export multiple _screens_
> from the same display, each with a different depth, and then run your
> rendering against the screen with the depth you want instead of trying
> to switch the depth of a single screen.

Thank you, i will try.

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