Awfull rendering of fonts in KDE terminal with nouveau 1.0.3 drivers

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Mon Nov 5 14:42:21 PST 2012

Dnia poniedziałek, 5 listopada 2012, Thomas Lübking napisał:
> Since there's also no relation to the compositor or the ARGB state of the
> window, yet the problem is (is it?) restricted to konsole, i'm out of
> ideas.

I've taken a closer look and its not only console that looks bad. I think 
that observation, that after rescaling to 1280x1024 fonts are rendered 
poperly, means here something important. But I have no idea, what.
> Observation:
> you're running 1600x1200 at 85Hz while basic Single Link DVI has it's
> maximum at 1600x1200 at 60Hz
> To run higher resolutions or frequency, the entire chain has to support
> reduced blanking capabilities and there's recently been a mail which
> suggested this was broken in "older" versions of "something" (worked in
> some recent ubuntu, but not debian)
> This would impact _everything_ but might be only notable in the
> bright-on-black context of konsole.
> So you should either absolutely ensure that the entire HW chain (output,
> cable, input) is Dual Link DVI (full pins, no gap the the plug) or try
> the outcome of 1600x1200 at 60Hz (yes, 60Hz on crts suck) or try a vga
> connection.

But in fact my monitor IS connected via a standard VGA connector. It simply 
has no DVI plug, only VGA. My graphics card has a single output connector 
and a splitter, which allows me to connect two monitors, both using VGA 
connector (I'm using only one).

> xrandr --output DVI-I-1 --mode 1600x1200 --rate 60
> If this is crisp (but flickers.. that's normal) there's your problem.

I'll give it a try on Thursday and will let you know, how it behaves.

> I'd nearly bet your right arm, that the nouveau driver version does
> somehow fail on reduced blanking while the nvidia blob does not.

It would mean, that the only thing left for me is to use a proprietary 
NVidia driver. Becouse if the binary driver does something and nouveau not, 
it means, that nouveau should be fixed/improved to obtain the same 
functionality (which is basic here). Otherwise it's kind of useless... 

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