2 and more keyboard layout groups in Linux changed by different hot keys

Ivan Lezhnjov IV ivan.lezhnjov.iv at gmail.com
Thu Nov 15 01:29:28 PST 2012

So, this is something I've been dreaming of for years now. I've
sporadically foraged for a solution on Google but never really found
anything. I was told once by someone on IRC that it's possible but have
never really seen how this could be done.

Here's what I want.

I use en and ru keyboard layouts as two primary languages of input that I
work with on a daily basis. I use Shift+Caps_Lock to toggle these layouts.
Sometimes I need to type in ua and pl, and I want to have them in a
separate group of layouts that would be toggled by pressing say

So, whenever I press L_Win+Caps_Lock I start cycling through ua and pl
(possibly more layouts), and when I need to get back to my standard group
of en and ru I would press Shift+Caps_Lock to start typing in en (assuming
it's always the default layout in this group)

This description is in no way linked to any real understanding of how the
existing keyboard layout switching framework works. It's just me imagining
the ideal scenario.

Can this be done somehow?

Keep in mind that I use GNOME 3.x (in fall-back mode) and rely on its GUI
tools to configure keyboard layout settings (all I need so far is make en
and ru available for use and be toggled by pressing Shift+Caps_Lock). So,
ideally a solution would have to be friendly for this desktop environment
and not break anything in it :D
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