Problems with VxWorks 6.9 including xf86-video-geode-2.11.13

Fabrizio Favi fabrizio.favi at
Thu Nov 15 06:19:25 PST 2012


I'm trying to integrate the xf86-video-geode-2.11.13 on a VxWorks 6.9 image

As described by Wind River documentation, the first step to do this is to
include the new graphic driver into the VxWorks WindML component. Following
these directives, I'm able to complete this phase obtaining WindML libraries
files successfully compiled.


The next step is to include the generated WindML libraries created into the
final OS image project. In this case I'm not able to complete the process
because the building tool signals that there are some unresolved symbols
generated by the new graphic driver; in this case they are: RRScreenInit(),
rrPrivKey(), .

I looked for these symbols into the graphic driver and VxWorks sources, but
I cannot find them.


Probably I'm missing something.

Can someone helpme?


Thanks in advance. 


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