cirque smartcat touchpad

Sebastian Glita glseba at
Sat Nov 17 04:37:49 PST 2012


While trying a simple search whether Xorg supports this device:

the 4-button USB touchpad, probably with "synaptics" driver, I couldn't find any RECENT (2011-2012) discussion.

Is it recognized with the latest sources from (mouse, evdev, synaptics)?

Do the 4-buttons work? The scroll?

Do the "advanced gestures" work?

Thank s.

P.S.: The description from manufacturer:

    * Multi-finger Advanced Gestures available: scroll, zoom, rotate and more 
    * Execute, browse at the touch of a finger 
    * Zoom reduces or enlarges Office documents 
    * Scroll moves horizontally & vertically 
    * Right tap mimics a mouse right-click 
    * GlideExtend® virtually eliminates the edge of the pad when dragging 
    * Adjustable sounds, speed, sensitivity and orientation 
Product Highlights
    * Extra-large touch surface 
    * Easy-to-find textured "right" click area 
    * One-touch scroll, zoom and surf 
    * Three (3) mechanical buttons supported 
    * Withstands spills and abuse 
    * Easy PS/2 or USB connectivity 

P.S.: A description from a seller website:

Product Features 

    * Intuitive design, simply glide finger on surface.
    * One-Touch Scroll and Zoom
    * Ability to go from fast screen movement to pixelpoint control
    * Activate vertical / horizontal scrolling at a touch of a finger

Technical Details 
USB Keyboard

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