cirque smartcat touchpad

Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at
Thu Nov 22 14:50:22 PST 2012

On Thu, Nov 22, 2012 at 08:50:35AM -0800, Sebastian Glita wrote:
> > the main question is whether it is supported by the kernel. X hardly deals
> > with touchpads directly these days, it's handled by the (linux) kernel and
> > we see the evdev interface. So you need to first check if the kernel
> > supports it.
> Hmm... There seems to be no indication in synaptics USB kernel driver about "easycat/smartcat" (drivers/input/mouse).
> Next "roundabout" question would be, given the FAQ page says an "alike" OS works:
> "... and the USB Cirque Smart Cat® (GP410U-xxxx) ... are recommended Cirque trackpad for 
> the Macintosh OS. 
>     * Mac OS 8.5 or later is required for both of these trackpads. 
>     * Mac OS X or later is required for the vertical scrolling feature."
> how far can I assume linux kernel would recognize it too? I know that whereas usually linux isn't specified, but mac is, there is a good chance a device would work with both mac and linux...

the two are unrelated. it may work, it may not, sorry. Generally the older a
device, the higher the chance of it working but I really don't know in this


> >>  Do the 4-buttons work? The scroll?
>> > yes, likely, if the kernel supports the touchpad.
> Actually, clicking, tapping and scrolling are enough for me.
> Thank s.
>> >>  Do the "advanced gestures" work?
>> > no, only scrolling. gestures are implemented on the client-side, so these
> > must be implemented by your client-stack (which may already do so, e.g.
> > newer GTK and Unity)
>> > Cheers,
> >    Peter
> >

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