ANN: xterm patch #287

Thomas Dickey dickey at
Sun Nov 25 18:15:00 PST 2012

                            Patch #287 - 2012/11/25

     * fix  a case where in_put() loop could continue when it has found an
       X  event  rather  than  the pty, causing the pty-read to be delayed
       (patch by Balazs Kezes).
     * add  option  to  pointerMode  resource  and  corresponding  control
       sequences  to  allow  text-cursor  to  remain hidden if the pointer
       leaves/enters  the  window  via  accelerator  keys. Ordinary motion
       within the window restores the pointer (prompted by patch by Balazs
     * remove   special   case   of  modifiers  for  the  Mode_switch  and
       XK_ISO_Level3_Shift  from  patch  #223.  Verified that the conflict
       which  this  was  intended  to  resolve  does not happen for normal
       compose- or modeswitch-handling (prompted by patch by Balazs Kezes,
       Debian #638694).
     * modify  the  handling  of focus-change events to ignore those whose
       detail  is  NotifyPointer,  since  those  are  sent  in addition to
       focus-change  events  directed  to the old/new windows having focus
       (prompted by patch by Balazs Kezes to prevent the urgency-hint from
       being reset in this scenario).
     * modify  description  of iconName in manpage to make it clearer that
       this  resource does not specify the filename of an icon (discussion
       with Ian Collier).
     * modify  iconHint resource to allow suppressing the built-in icon by
       setting this to "none" (discussion with Ian Collier).
     * make -iconic option work with the toolbar configuration.
     * correct  initialization  of  window  manager  hints used to set the
       icon-pixmap.  That  detail  from patch #282 overwrote state used to
       control the -iconic command-line option (report by Ian Collier).
     * fix paste64 feature for the case where the selection comes from the
       current terminal. The selection callback can happen after the reply
       is  partly  built, making it necessary to flush the reply-buffer to
       keep things in the proper order (report by Ailin Nemui).
     * reject  command-line  options  which are longer than the options in
       xterm's table, to avoid mismatches (Redhat #875305).
     * correct attribution for patch #282 changes.

Thomas E. Dickey
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