Screen vertically shifted with LCD and framebuffer (fbdev)

Alan Cox alan at
Tue Nov 27 02:33:57 PST 2012

On Tue, 27 Nov 2012 08:39:35 +0100
Greg Burri <greg.burri at> wrote:

> The kernel version was in the X.Org log, It's one of the last one (3.6.7) I
> compiled myself under Debian. I've attached the result of "uname -a",
> "lshw", "lsmod" and "dmesg" to this message.
> The issue obviously doesn't occur with the modesetting X.Org driver but for
> some reasons it can't be launched with the Wheezy X.Org version (1.12), I
> previously tested with an Ubuntu live CD which is using the version 1.13 of
> X.Org.

Ok - it's known that the gma500 driver with some versions of Debian and
Ubuntu does the weird offsetting thing if you don't use the modesetting
driver. Not sure what is going on and it doesn't seem to occur with other


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